The following are some higher-end Magic: The Gathering (MTG) assets under management (AUM)​ currently maintained.

This page will be updated as items are acquired or divested.

Item 1:

The following is an International Edition Black Lotus (1 of 5000).  While not as rare as an Alpha edition or Beta edition Black Lotus, it still have some rarity, and should continue to hold a decent price amongst Magic The Gathering Collectors.

For instance, the Alpha Edition is (1 of 1100).  The Alpha Edition has essentially 5 times more rarity as this one; nevertheless, the price-point in comparison for the International Edition is "more" affordable (typically under $10,000 as of December 2021).

A perfect "investment" for one that wants to diversify their assets.  The rationale is that these will continue to be rarer as time progresses with more degradation in terms of the quality of the majority of the cards as time and wear plays their part.

Holding one of these vs. holding the dollar long-term should be favorable for the Lotus holders as the Black Lotus is the most iconic and rare card in the Magic: The Gathering card game.


Black Lotus International Edition rated with CGC Universal Grade 6.5